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LTC Secretarial Services LogoCertified Professional Collector for DATIA - Louise T. ConnerLTC Secretarial Services

Louise T. Conner is a DATIA-CPC

for Ambassador Medical Services, Marlton, NJ 08053

Phone:(570) 275-0212 | Fax:(570) 275-1242 | E-mail

1 -800-DRUG TEST or 1-800-786-8378

E-mail Ambassador Medical Services, Inc at:

Ambassador Medical Services, Inc. - LogoDATIA - (Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association) has issued Louise - Certification as a Professional Collector for Ambassador Medical Services. Under the direction of her employer, (Ambassador Medical Services, and the guidelines of specific procedures outlined by Federal Government mandated laws) the following services are available to any authority, borough, township, municipality, city, state, or business interested in contracting Ambassador to implement Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs for their employees.


Member Maintenance A. Maintenance of minimum percentage requirements in selection program (if required)

B. Additions/deletions of employees to selection program

C. Record retention & maintenance updating of member company files.

D. AMSI drug testing program documents verifying active participation of member company submitted to member companies new owner organization (copy of service contract).

E. Quarterly or bi-annual program reports submitted to D.O.T. on behalf of member company.

F. Employee program membership card.

Specimen Collection Chain of Custody Procedure.
Initial Test (Immunoassay/Emit Screen) Eliminates negative urine specimens from further consideration.
Confirmation Test (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) Confirmation of cocaine, marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, and phencyclidine.
Evidentiary Breath (Alcohol) Testing (EBT) when required-Breathalyzer
Medical Review Officer Evaluation Report A. Verifies legitimate prescribed use of chemicals.

B. Verified illegal use of chemicals

Mobile Unit and Medical Technician A. Monday through Friday - All Shifts serviced

B. Post Accident and reasonable cause call outs when required. $32.00 - Standard time/$48.00 overtime.

12 Month Employee Search and Verification Letter
On-site Training (optional) Each member company employee receives and individual training manual which is assigned by a control numbering system allowing revision of training material.
On-site Lead Zpp, Employee Monitoring Program
On-site Pulmonary Testing OSHA Certified Equipment, M.D. Review and Signature and On-site Respirator Fit-up Testing.
New added service of hair and nail testing

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